August 11, 2020 4 H Center

Call to Order:

Meeting was called to to order at 6:04 P.M. by President Jack Winklman. We welcomed Guest Brantley to our meeting tonight.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion to approve the minutes of July meeting was made by Ben Meyer and seconded by Mark Weil. Motion carried, minutes approved. Jeff Hancock said that the date of the next meeting was wrong, needs to be revised.

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer Alan Bailey gave his report. Motion was made by Ben Meyer and seconded by Jim Green. Motion carried, minutes approved.

Library Committee:

Ornaments for next year's show is in the library. Thank you Jeff Hancock and Kathy Vonderahe for helping with the ornaments.

Show Committee:

No further news to tell.

Old Business:

Corad Wetzel auction will be held over until next year 2021. Marvin Daniels seminaris on August 29 and 30, 2020, 9-4 at Ken Alvey's, 50 dollars plus cost of roughout.

New Business:

Nametag competition winner's were: Novice Group was Mark Weil with an Eagle. Experience Group was Frank Wildeman with an Hummingbird. Congratulations to these carver's.


Show and Tell:

Kathy Vonderahe with her santa in the chimney. Jack Winkleman showed his pumpkin boy and mushroom guy.

Half Pot:

The half pot was won by Robin Meyer.


Motion was made by Jeff Hancock to adjourn and seconded by Ben Meyer. Motion carried, meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Thank you to Jack Winklman for doing the mini seminar this month.

Respectfully submitted:

Robin Meyer, Secretary