July 9, 2019 4 H Center

Call to Order:

Meeting called to order by President Sherry Schaefer @ 5:59 P.M. Welcome to new member John Wilkinson, who enjoys carving fishing lures!

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion was made by Jeff Hancock and seconded by Robin Meyer to accept the June meetings as posted on the club's website, motion carried, minutes approved.

Treasurer's Report:

Motion made by Ben Meyer and seconded by Mark Meyer to accept the treasurer's report as given by treasurer alan bailey. Motion carried, report approved.

Library Committee:

Librarian Ben Meyer reported the club had received a donation from member Elvin Reed of a selection of resin go-bys by various carvers.

Show Committee:

Prior to tonight's meeting the first official 2019 Show Committee Meeting was held. Members present were Kathy Vonderahe, Warren Schaefer, Steve Eli and Sherry Schaeffer. Absent was Jon Gunnels. Various aspects of the upcoming show were discussed and a few of the early decisions were made and more discussed.

Items of concern that committee has made decisions on:
1.) No advance ticket sales
2.) Obtain more yard signs
3.) Creating a list of jobs to be filled by club members in order to have a successful show.
4.) Church ladies will be asked to provide the concession again.
5.) Jon Gunnels will be handling publicity
6.) Jeff Hancock and Sherry will be handling the table lay-outs.
7.) Proposed rental fees are $20.00 per table for club members and $30.00 per table for non-club members and vendors.
8.) Sponsorship levels will be created and last year's sponsors will be recognized in whatever manner the committee chooses to do so.

Old Business:


Our club was invited to take part in the 2019 Master Gardener's Club Show. Motion made by Steve Eli and with a second by Jeff Hancock that our club will pass on participating this year.


President Sherry Schaefer handed out ballots to all members present and able to vote concerning recent issues about the club pursuing a grant and possible consideration of a club building. Members were asked to voice their opinion by voting on the ballot "yes" pursue those Options or "no", no further action on these proposed items. 19 ballots cast, three yes and no 16 no. THESE ITEMS WILL BE CONSIDERED AS TABLED INDEFINITELY!

New Business:

Mini-seminars are tentatively scheduled :
July-Frank Wildeman;
August-open ornament carvings for the club Christmas Tree;
September-painting those ornaments;
October-Jeff Hancock;
November-John Wilkinson;


1.) Report on the Wayne Laramore seminar was that carvers enjoyed the seminar, liked Wayne's teaching style and maybe even learned some new things

2.) Those members participating in tonight's show and tell included:
Kathy Vonderahe *,
Jack Winkelman.**,
Ben Meyer*,
Gene Sutton*
And Steve Eli*
*had items to show from recent seminar
** had items to show from the carving congress

Also, Frank Wildeman, Warren Schaeffer and new member John Wilkinson had items to show this evening.

Half Pot:

Winner's share $11.00 to Mark Meyer ( not sure I have that right?)


there being no further business to bring before the club Jeff made the motion to adjourn and Mark, Robin and Gene seconded, motion approved, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:

Steve Eli, Secretary

Notes: We were very pleased to hear from Alan Bailey that his son Elliott is continuing to improve from his accident in April. He has been moved to a therapeutic facility with continued hope for his improvement and "weight back on, Dad says". Thoughts and Prayers Alan, Angie and Elliot !!

Secret word is Squash!!

Reminder- The majority of the club having voted to have a show ALL members are asked to help and participate in any way they can! Sponsorship sales are a simple way of helping!!