fJune 13, 2017 4 H Center

Call to Order:

June meeting was called to order at 6:05 P.M. by President Jeff Hancock. Members were welcomed along with two guests recognized, Melissa Kunkel and Billie Faulstich.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion to approve the May minutes was made by Ben Meyer and a second made by Joel Slayton to approve the minutes as posted on the Club's website. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:

Alan Bailey gave the treasurer's report : Motion made by Gene Sutton and seconded by Ben Meyer to approve the Treasurer's Report. Motion carried.

Library Committee:

Ben Meyer reported there had been some activity from the library with some books being checked out and returned. He also reminded those present the procedure for checking out materials from the library.

Show Committee:

No Show Committee report at this time.

Beginner's Group:

In Richard Hitch's absence several reported of the group still making progress and enjoying what they are doing.

Newburgh Library Carving Group:

This group continues to meet and all seems to be going well. Guest Melissa Kunkel was familiar with the group's presence at the library and complimented them on what they were doing.

Old Business:

*Marvin Daniels reported that the weekend seminar at Seton Residence went well. They were five participants in attendance and most completed one project and were working on a second.

*Alan Bailey reported that the insurance bill for the club, etc. had been paid.

*Don Deustch reported the tax reports for the club had been filed.

* JEFF reminded the group that Tina McCormick still has many carving and woodworking items available for sale from her late husband Hugh's collection. JEFF had the information for contacting Tina.

*JEFF had a donation from Dan Pate of more items for the library.

* Mini Seminars: JEFF will check the original schedule for the order of presenters.

"Tentative Schedule"-

JULY- Steve Eli, Basic Color and Color Mixing and Color Mixing- Participants should bring either a Styrofoam egg carton or a mixing Tray with divided sections, a container for water and a few paper towels.

AUGUST- Richard Hitch and reminder to club members that August is the Name tag contest.

SEPTEMBER- Frank Wildeman


Discussion about the 2017 carving show:

The discussion about the 2017 carving show began with Jeff reporting that the contract for the armory was a "maybe" with an 85-90% chance it would be available. Also, the cost was raised to $1400! Jeff did have some vendors interested in attending the show.

A lengthy discussion followed that will not be detailed in these minutes, with no members quoted, however, below are a few highlights:

*The costs associated with the show would put the club in a financial deficit.
*Losses have been reported for the last two years
*Concerns about where the money would or could come from to put on the show provided several ideas but the ability to produce that money may be difficult to achieve.

A straw poll was taken to find if there was even interest among club members to have a show. 12 voted YES, 11 voted NO!
Further discussion with pros and cons about the show. One "pro" was that the show does provide us with the opportunity to gain new members. The basic question was "what good does the show do for the club"?

A motion was made by Joel Slayton and seconded by Ben Meyer that there would not be a Tri State Carving Club Show in 2017. Motion passed with a vote of 11 voting NO and 8 voting YES! Motion carried that there would not be a show in 2017.

New Business:

Rich Weatherbee will be presenting a carving and clay sculpture seminar in October. Original dates were October 23 and 24 but may be revised with the cancellation of the show. Cost will be $150 . Initial maximum number of students would be ten, as of tonight there have been eight members signed up and there will be a waiting list. Steve Eli reported that Kathy and Larry Vonderahe's son Keith is making a tremendous recovery from a heart transplant but Kathy is in the hospital tonight pending some tests on Wednesday June 14th. ( Very happy to report that all is well!) Several members had items for Show and Tell, including some pieces from Marvin's seminar.


Jack Winkelman would be presenting the seminar tonight on using polymer clay.

Half Pot:

Winner was Palanita Eli. She said she was so used to not winning she would just donate the money back to the club! Thank You!


Motion to adjourn made by Ben Meyer, seconded by Marilyn Bretweiser. July meeting is Tuesday, July 11, 2011

Respectfully submitted:

Steve Eli, Protem Secretary