May 9, 2017 4 H Center

Call to Order:

May meeting was called to order at by President Jeff Hancock. Members were made welcome. No guest or new members present.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion made by Steve Eli and seconded by Richard to approve the minutes for April 11, 2017, meeting as posted on the Club's web site. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:

Alan Bailey gave to treasurer's report: Motion made by Richard and second by Dan to accept as presented. Motion carried.

Library Committee:

Ben Meyer was not present. No Library report.

Show Committee:

No report on show at this time

Old Business:

Jim Green Carving group at Newbugh Library. 8 members carving and having a great time. They meet every Thursday 9-12 No Fee. Library off of Bell Road. Newburgh, IN 47630

May meeting Mini Seminar: Denny Hall shared the carving of mushrooms.

Insurance policy: Motion made by Brenda and second by Linda to re-new contract at $280.00

Marvin Daniels seminar: June 10 and 11 at Seton Residence 9200 New Harmony Rd. Starts at 9:00 am each days. Ends at 4:30 each day. Lunch with the Sisters. Still time to sign up!

New Business:

Tina McCormick donated carving tools, supplies and rough outs to the club for new carvers. She also has several items from her late husband stock for sale if you are intrerested in purchasing. Please see Jeff for her contact information

Kathy V: Ask that we all carve 2 ormanents for show and also items for the charity table.


Mini-Seminars: Club pays $25.00 per mini seminar for the instructor at each meeting

June: Jack Winkleman, working with Polymer clay

July: Steve Eli, blending and use of paints.

August: Richard Hitch, teaching Teki

September: Frank , carving angels


November: Round table

December: Christmas Party

Half Pot:

The half pot was won by Sherry Schaefer.


Being no further business meeting was adjourned. Next meeting June13, 2017, 6:00 p.m. in the Conference Room

Respectfully submitted:

Sherry D Schaefer, Secretary