October 10, 2017 4 H Center

Call to Order:

Meeting was called to order by President Jeff Hancock. Members and guests were made welcome.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion made by Ben Meyer and second by Marlyn Breitweiser to approve the minutes for September 12, 2017, meeting as posted on the Club's web site. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:

Alan Bailey gave to treasurer's report: Motion made to accept by Ben Meyer and second by Marilyn Breitweiser. Motion carried.

Library Committee:

Open and ready for use by members. No changes in the Library

Show Committee:


Old Business:

Rich Wetherbee seminar October 21 and 22 Cost $150.00 The seminar is at Seton Hall working in clay medium. Monday October 23, 2017 will be carving wood. This added class is $75.00. Start time for the 3 days: 9:00 a.m. Lunch with the Sisters.

November 14th meeting Frank and Ruth of Brownie's Woodcarving will attend our meeting. They will be selling tools.

Christmas Party sign-up sheet on the table for: December 12, 2017. Seton Residence 9200 New Harmony Road at 6:00 p.m.

New Business:

Don Deutch and Ben Meyer make up the nomination committee for officers and will report back next meeting.


Mini-Seminars: Club pays $25.00 per mini seminar for the instructor at each meeting

November: Richard Hitch teaching the class


Being no further business motion made by Robin Meyer and second by Ben Meyer. Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

Respectfully submitted:

Sherry D Schaefer, Secretary

After the meeting the Auction began: Auctioneer Steve Eli and several members of the club helped put on the Auction. Big thanks to all the guests and members who donated items and purchased goodies. What a great time and very successful in building the finances of the club.