Libary Books
Title Author
Santas & Snowman Carving For Christmas Tina Toney
Flat Plane Carving the Nativity Lynn Diel
Santa Carving - A Carving Primer Ron Ransom
Favorite Santas for Carvers Ron Ramson
Angel Carving Ron Ramson
41 Santa Patterns for Carvers Al Streetman
30 Holiday Patterns Al Streetman
41 Santa Patterns Al Streetman
Hand Carving Snowmen & Santas Mike Shipley
Old Nick Carving David Sabo
Old St. Nick Carving Classic Santas from Wood David Sabol
Snowmen are Cool Paul Bolinger
Carving Angels Kelley Stadelman
North Woods Nativity Cyndi Joslyn
Birds Authur unknown
Blue Ribbon Patterns (Song Birds) William Veasey
Blue Ribbon Patterns (Duck Heads) William Veasey
Song Bird Carving II Rosalyn Daisey
Game Bird Carving Bruce Burk
Creative Bird Carving William I. Tawes
50 Character Patterns Jack Price
Carving Kids Ivan Whillock
Geometric Carving Steve Brown
Carving Pen Figures Steve Brown
Carving Pen Figures Steve Brown
Carving Pen Figures Steve Brown
Old Womans Shoe Larry Green
Carving Boots & Shoes Larry Green
Out to the Ball Game Tom Wolfe
Carving Clowns & Circus Wagons Billy J Smith
Country Folk Mike Shipley
Carving Faces Harold Enlow
Carve your own Hillbillikins Harold Enlow
How to Carve Hobos Harold L. Enlow
Carving Western Figures Harold L. Enlow
Carving Fishermen Cleve Taylor
Noah And Friends David Sabol
Carving Blockheads Steve Prescott
Easy Weekend Carving Projects Tina Toney
Uncle Sam Patterns Al Streetman
Noah's Ark Shawn Cipa
Carving Wooden Animals E. J. Tangerman
Wood Carving Woodland Creatures Step by Step Rick Butz
Carving Bears and Bunnies Tom Wolfe
Carving Small Animals Desiree Hajny
Carving Wild Animals David Pergrin
Bellamy Eagles Paul Rolfe
Carving Nature Frank Fox-Willson
Whale Carving Real Cloutier
Carving Dolphins & Whales Jeffery Snyder
Horse Portraits Kurt Koch
Freshwater Fish Carving James Fliger
Carving Ears And Hair Jeff Phares
Carving the Nose & Mouth Jeff Phares
Carving Eyes Jeff Phares
The Art of Carved Sculpture Kineton Parkes
Carving the Risen Christ Ivan Willock
Patterns!! Patterns!! Patterns!! For Wood Carvers Ivan Willock
Fundamentals of Figure Carving Ivan Norbury
Carving the American Indian Vol. 1 John Burke
The Technique of Wood Sculpture Chaim Gross
Carving Realistic Flowers in Wood Wanda Marsh
Caricature Relief Carving Larry Green
Magic Relief Carving Terry Evans & John Hagensick
Scenic Relief Carving Georg Keilhofer
Inspiration Relief William Judt
Relief Woodcarving E. J. Tangerman
Chip Carving
New and Traditional Styles of Chip Carving -From Classic to Positive Imaging Wayne Barton
Chip Carver's Patterns Vol. 2 Bob Rymark & Amorn Watanapong
Chip Carving Patterns a New Wave Bob Rymark
Chip Carving Nature - An Artistic Approach Craig Vandall Stevens
A Lyrical Style - Artistry in Chip Carving Craig Vandall Stevens
Introductory to Chip Carving Dennis & Todd Moor
Creative Chip Carving Frank Manning
A Complete Guide to the Art of Woodburning Sue Walters
Creative Woodburning Book IV David A. Ladd
A Guide to Burning Techniques - Using the Colwood Detailer Joan Wolf
Woodburning with Cheryl Dow Cheryl Dow
Woodburning II with Cheryl Dow Cheryl Dow
Woodburning III with Cheryl Dow Cheryl Dow
Pyrography Patterns Nedra Denison
Learning the Art of Pyrography Al Chapman
Creative Crafts in Wood Michael Dank
Marquetry and Inlay Allen & Gil Bridgewater
Kachina Dolls Tom Moor
Hopi Kachina Dolls Harold Colton
Fan Carving Sally & David Nye
Bark Carving
Wood Carver's Library E. J. Tangerman & Eric Zimmerman
Old Time Whittling - an Introductory Text Keith Randich
Beginning Wood Carving - Projects, Techniques, Tools
Pennsylvania Dutch Designs Pam Gresham
The Art of Stylized Woodcarving Charles Solomon & David Hamilton
The Beginner's Handbook of Woodcarving Charles Beiderman & William Johnston
Practical Wood Carving Projects Enid Bell
Tattoo Designs Lora Irish
Intarsia, Big Book of
Scroll Saw Magizine
Classic Carving Patterns
Gizmos & Gadgets
Manual of Traditional Wood Carving Paul N Hasluck
Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts
The Art of Whittling Walter L Faurot
Whittling and Woodcarving E. J. Tangerman
Woodcarving Illustrated, Holiday 2013
Woodcarving for Beginners
Wood Carving - Yesterday & Today in America

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